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Long URL's  are not only annoying to use but they also hamper your business with their maintenance and awful look. In today's world, URL shortener is a must to flourish the same. UndrMe generated shortened links and respective realtime statistics help to keep your marketing game up and also acquainted on respective link usage patterns. We are coming up with many more features shortly including support for custom names and advanced analytics.

No charges, Absolutely free

We don't charge anything for our url shortener service. We love our customers and all we want is your business to flourish and bloom.

Stats for shortened URLs

We provide you the realtime stats for your generated undr.me shortened url to update you its usage.

We are Fast as Flash

We are the fastest url shortener. Try us once and make yourselves a witness of the same.

Permanent Redirects

By using UndrMe, you are provided redirects for your generated UM urls. Play up with them at your will to increase your marketing efficiency.

Thousands of URL's  get "undr.me" everyday , become a contributor. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

General questions
No, we want you to proliferate your business without any hassles. No signup or anything, just shorten your links, share and use them and move ahead.
We provide you the percentage reduction of url length, the number of times your undrme shortened url has been requested and accessed along with it's creation date and respective timestamps in realtime.
Our shortened URLs are permanent redirects so use our service without any worries.
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
Well as long as you are not doing any illegal or fradulent, we welcome you. We highly discourage any kind of misconduct in using our url shortener service. UndrMe does not provide any kind of warranty including but not limited to its link shortener service. This also includes the website's availability, realtime stats accuracy and security anywhere anytime. Also, UndrMe is not responsible for liability amounts or penalties with respect to any laws, compliance or customer's use of this website. By using our service, we assume customer agrees to the terms of policy and privacy policy of this website and must use the same at their own risk.
Privacy Policy
Please Read Carefully Prior To Using This Website

The use of this website (“Website”) is conditioned upon the acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this policy by the visitor to the Website (“User”). By using our tool on this Website, User expressly agrees to this Privacy Statement. Those who do not agree to be subject to this Statement may not, under any circumstances, use this Website.
We are not responsible for any third party links provided to our website for url shortening service and this policy does not apply to any of the original URL submitted. Please refer their respective terms of use and privacy statement for any concerns.
If you have any questions or concerns about our policy, or our practices with regards to your information, please contact us at [email protected]
We keep the gathered information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this statement and as per business requirements unless otherwise required by law.
Among the types of Data that this Website collects, by itself or through third parties, they include :
URL : We provide URL shortening service to our customers for which we keep and gather the original link entered by the User and shortened URL [UndrMe provided shortened URL]. Along with the same, we also store the timestamps as and when the shortening was requested and when it was last used for what link.
Shortening Stats : As part of our url shortener service, we calculate and display realtime stats for the links shortened and their respective access requests. We display the user the same without disclosing your identity be it IP, Geolocation, Name, Email, etc. as we don't ask for signup to use our service for which we would have requested your personal information.
Website Analysis : Some of the information is collected automatically as part of our service to keep a log of and track any spam/malware, provide security and maintenance where we track your IP, Geolocation, Useragent and respective Timestamp at the time of your visit to our site.
As mentioned above, we use the above gathered data to provide realtime stats for shortened urls and use logging solutions to keep track of website usage and detect spam. UndrMe might use third party service for information analysis to ensure better website experience and support.
We do have in place myriad security measures and tools but no method of safeguarding information is fully secure and henceforth UndrMe url shortener does not provide any guarantee or warrant that the security measures employed will prevent unauthorized access to the information about you that is stored by us. As and when we detect any breach or leakage, we will let you know the same. You can reach us on the above specified email for any query.
UndrMe reserves the right to modify this Statement without any prior notice. If we make material changes to the same, we may notify you either by prominently posting a notice of such changes or by directly sending you a notification. User’s continued use of this Website subsequent to UndrMe notice of modification of this Privacy Statement shall constitute User’s acceptance of the modified Policy.
Yes, kind shoot us an email at [email protected]. One of our support team members will revert to the same shortly.